Strategic Mobility: Business & Nation building transformation with IoT in Asia Pacific

Adele Beachley, Managing Director APAC, SOTI hosts a workshop at this year’s 2nd annual CIO Leaders Indonesia Summit in Jakarta today.

With Gartner estimating there will be 25 billion internet connected things by 2020, are you ready to manage the growth of a mobile workforce?

IoT is already impacting most aspects of our lives, but the biggest impact will be in the enterprise. While consumer applications attract the most attention and can create significant value, business use cases generate nearly 70% of potential value enabled by IoT.

One of the key parts of IoT ecosystems is the unified endpoints management system. By leveraging mobile connected technologies and key partnerships, organizations that are driven by their desire to disrupt traditional business models through connectivity, applications, devices, connected “things”, and data-driven insights can lead the way in strategic mobility throughout Asia Pacific.

Adele Beachley provided a thorough outlook on the IOT ecosystem in APAC and also provided further information to the audience which included What the opportunities within the IoT ecosystem looked like, how organisations can leverage mobile connected technologies to create a strategic path to IoT and different way on how IoT devices for automation “supports” the triple bottom line.

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