Maximizing the role of CIO in the Telkomgroup Digital Transformation

Tanto Suratno, Executive General Manager, IT Development, Telekomunikasi Indonesia

We were very excited to have Mr. Suratno speak for us a this years 2nd annual CIO Leaders Indonesia Summit in Jakarta today.

All Business Leaders must assume that every Industry will be digitally remastered was the main theme of his presentation.

Leading CIOs proactively and consciously understand their business ecosystems so they can make the appropriate risk-reward trade-off decisions, and apply the right business and technology solutions.

Mainstream enterprises have moved into designing and even delivering digital business. CIOs will need resources and skills they haven’t used before; need a clear guidance as digital business enters a new phase.

Mr. Suratno said “You need to be a master in six areas in order to move from e-business or digital marketing through the stages to digital business transformation at scale: business/technology vision, technology convergence, analytics and algorithms, bimodal operations, infrastructure, and organization and culture.”

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