Sandie Matthews

Chief Information Officer, The University of Sydney

Sandie Matthews is a highly accomplished leader in the field of information technology and digital enablement with an impressive track record spanning over 23 years. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded digital transformation initiatives and successfully executed strategies for major Commonwealth, State, and Local Government departments.

As the Chief Information and Data Officer for the NSW Department of Education, Sandie led one of the largest technology environments in the southern hemisphere, supporting one of the world’s largest public education systems. Sandie has successfully led a significant technology transformation program, developed a comprehensive Digital Strategy, and secured substantial funding for a wide-ranging digital uplift program. Her leadership also extends to managing cyber response incidents, where her role leading one of the largest cyber responses in NSW is now the template for effective incident management across the sector.

Sandie also served as the Chief Information Officer for the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, playing a crucial role in ensuring seamless government operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout her career, she has held leadership positions across Australia, including establishing the Northern Territory Government’s Office of Digital Government, driving digital strategy, fostering innovation, and implementing economic policy and legislation reforms. She was the first female in Australia to hold a whole of State/Territory CIO position. With her extensive experience, Sandie has overseen technology portfolios in diverse sectors, including health, defence, and the Department of Human Services. Her contributions have had a significant impact on digital transformation and technology leadership, making her a highly respected figure in the field.