Phil Winzenberg

First Assistant Director-General Cyber Engagement and Strategy, Australian Signals Directorate

Phil Winzenberg leads the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Engagement and Strategy Division, which coordinates the ASD’s strategy and relations with industry, government, and the media.

Phil has held a range of signals intelligence, policy and operational leadership roles within ASD, including leading ASD’s intelligence production in support of government geopolitical and security priorities in the Indo-Pacific, and in support of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Immediately prior to his current role, Phil led ASD’s Indo-Pacific and Signals Intelligence Engagement Division as First Assistant Director-General. Before this, he was a member of an ASD Taskforce charged with developing the largest ever program of capability growth for ASD – Project ‘REDSPICE’.

Phil has also previously served as Australian Liaison Officer to the National Security Agency (NSA) and US Cyber Command, and as ASD’s Deputy Liaison Officer to Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in the UK.

Phil began his career at ASD in 1998 as a Royal Australian Air Force Signals Operator and linguist.

He holds a Bachelor of Security Analysis from the Australian National University, and has been awarded with Australia Day and Australian Intelligence Community medallions for his work in Support to Military Operations.

Phil is married with two children aged 9 and 6. He enjoys most sporting pursuits, both as a competitor and an avid viewer.