Panel Discussion – Building a resilient and agile, data driven enterprise


Khurram Waheed, Principal Security Architect, Extrahop
Iain Hart, Head of Technology & CISO, The Australian Institute of Company Directors
Chirag Joshi, Director, ISACA Sydney


Luke Hannan, MOC,

For today’s businesses, success means being data-driven. Generating value from vast amounts of data, engendering innovation and having agile and scalable business models necessitates the use of cloud technologies wherever possible. But adoption of new technologies creates risk which must be managed.

Cybersecurity postures need to be transformed to ensure that enterprises have visibility across expanded attack surfaces and are able to minimize the damage caused by breaches. This session will discuss accelerated adoption of new technologies as businesses rapidly digitalize, as well as the new cybersecurity risks that are created. We will also discuss the best ways to manage these risks to build resilience into your organisation.