Sandeep Gulati

Head of Analytics and Data Science, FairPrice group

I am an International Business Development and Analytics Consultant with experience in Business Analytics, Business Development, Strategy and Risk Management. A reformed banker who spent a decade in Consumer Banking Risk and Decision Analytics and the next decade applying those skills in different industries across different geographical regions and picking up a few useful skills along the way, is how I will describe myself.

I advise C-Level on client engagement experience in current role to chart out the Analytic road-map to support business goals. I strive to have deep knowledge of digital marketing, customer journeys and digitally connected customers. In my current role at a major retailer with multi-brand, multi-channel and multiple lines of business, I oversee the various touchpoints of customers both in physical and digital stores. I am at the cross-roads of mapping the omni-customer experience and help businesses understand the complex interaction between channels of acquisition, channels of transactions and interactions with more traditional behavioral science and lifestyle segmentation. My team and I have deployed deep learning AI/ML models from predicting Lifetime Value (LTV), Churn Prediction, Propensity Scoring and NLP, all developed and implemented in cloud native environment.

Having worked in a diverse set of industries and geographical regions, I bring a fresh set of perspectives to companies witnessing disruptive transformations to their business models and the fast changing data sharing and privacy landscape.

I have recruited and managed high performing data and tech teams and expanded my role to include product analytics as I am interested to see how more data can be generated from different digital products to better understand customer behaviors. This has lent itself to using nontraditional data like NPS, survey and social data juxtaposed with opportunistic data partnerships teasing out new insights which are not visible with traditional transactional data. I am fascinated by the API economy which has the potential to unlock insights into key milestones in a customer’s journey from discovery to purchase and advocacy.

I am a frequent speaker and industry representative at forums organized by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the statutory board that includes PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission) which sets the standard for Data Privacy and Data Governance.